There’s a saying that if there is a dog walking with you, you can get through anything. And I get it. We are busy. We work a lot, have to take care of the kids, clean the house, and walking the dog can become just another chore in your day that takes up more of your time.

However, I truly believe many of us don’t understand how much a simple 30-minute walk can improve our overall happiness. Of course, we know that walking can improve your cardiovascular health, has been linked to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, and reduces excess body fat. All of this is true for your dogs too. Daily exercise, even just a two-mile walk, can benefit your pup in these ways too!

It is so much more than that though!! Going for a walk can really bond you to your dog and your mood will be lifted by watching them enjoy life. It is a way to step back, disconnect, and find 30 minutes for self-care. Walking—especially out in nature—stimulates the production of neurotransmitters in the brain (such as endorphins) that help improve your mental state. Solitary walks (for the humans) or sitting in the backyard (for the dogs) can get pretty lonely. Quality walks with your four-legged pal can reduce feelings of loneliness for you and your dog. So put on an Audible book or get a good playlist going and get outside! It’s not just for your dog’s health, it’s for you!!