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We are not only devoted to the pet’s whole being, but also yours!

We are devoted not only to the Whole Pet but also the Whole Person. We care for our patients and clients deeply, but we also care for ourselves and each other. Our veterinary hospitals in North Carolina and Florida, are full-service small animal hospitals committed to providing the very best veterinary care for our pets by integrating traditional and holistic practices to deliver outstanding results in a positive and fun environment. Thank you to our clients for making our teams the best in the area! We go above and beyond – not just for our clients and patients, but for our veterinary professionals who work tirelessly every day to take the very best care of people and their pets. On top of extensive training in advanced medicine and alternative therapies, our veterinary teams are both Fear Free and Cat-Friendly certified to ensure the kindness and compassion our pets deserve! Click the buttons below to learn more about what our Fear Free and Cat-Friendly certifications mean for our patients.

You have worked hard to develop your skills.
We can help you bring them to pets in need.

Our veterinary professionals bring together different treatment expertise to deliver outstanding results to our clients.


Our mission is to improve the veterinary profession by matching amazing veterinary professionals with a hospital in their community where they can maximize their unique skills and passions in a caring, supportive environment to help as many pets and people as possible.
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Our staff loves working at Whole Pet!

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the BEST veterinary hospital ever! Because I’ve worked here, I now know how it feels to be valued as an employee.”
Frankie, Client Service Representative

“I know you are trying to improve the lives of veterinarians, and I have to tell you, you are absolutely doing it.”
Dr. Khare, Veterinarian

“Our schedule gives us the balance to have a healthy work environment and less stress in our personal lives.”
Julie, Veterinary Assistant

I have never felt that I am any less important than other employees. Here everyone understands that no matter what you do you are important to the team.
Abby, Intern

“I was ready to leave veterinary medicine until I found Whole Pet.  Now I look forward to going to work rather than just trying to get through my day.”
Dr. Melissa Kerns, DVM

“When I came to Whole Pet, I wasn’t sure I believed in holistic medicine. But it just works, so you can’t help but use it.”
Dr. Zoe Forward, DVM, DAVBP

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